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Highly Accurate, Revenue-Grade Energy Meter and Web Enabled Datalogger for Monitoring Residential Solar PV Systems

Efficiently manage solar assets with a system that collects, stores and uploads a wide array of energy data

Locus Energy provides a range of hardware to collect performance data from solar PV systems. All DAS hardware is factory configured and tested allowing for plug-and-play installation and commissioning. The platform supports a wide variety of third-party hardware including meters, inverters, weather stations and string/sub-array combiners.

Locus Energy Residential Solar Monitoring Hardware

Click here to download a product spec overview for residential hardware options. For a custom consultation or to learn more about the hardware capabilities and integration with Locus software systems, click here.


Delivery: Cloud-based, online dashboard

Frequency: Real-time data delivery

Location: USA

Subscribe: or 877-562-8736


Gain Insight into Our Various Types of Solar Monitoring Solutions
"For years, web-enabled system monitoring was too complex and cost prohibitive for residential and light commercial solar installations. Locus Energy bridged this gap for us about five-years ago with a cost effective, easily installed monitoring solution that we now deploy on all of our projects, regardless of size. Their tech support team is top notch, accessible, and knowledgeable, and they’ve developed as one of our most valued vendor partners."
Rob Meyers
Owner, South Mountain Company

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Plug-and-Play, Single-Phase Solar Monitoring Solution

The LGate 101E monitors nearly any type of solar energy system. Regardless of inverter or panel type, it measures energy production with a 0.5% degree of accuracy. As a datalogger, it has a variety of digital and analog inputs enabling direct communication with third-party devices such as inverters and meteorological sensors. Performance data is aggregated and uploaded automatically to the SolarNOC™ platform, which provides custom tools and analytics to all project stakeholders.

Data Collection Capabilities:

  • Measure both solar energy generation and the energy consumption of the building using inputs for up to three CTs
  • Gather data from up to 16 third-party devices, which is collected via RS485 protocol
  • Store data in non-volatile memory and upload with unique identifiers to provide maximum flexibility for data presentation on Locus Platforms

Network Connectivity:

  • Supports both LAN and cellular networks for plug-and-play functionality
  • Built-in 110V outlet for easy installation of ethernet-over-powerline adapter
  • Data transmission requires no additional network or firewall configuration
  • LED lights indicate communication status for simple commissioning

Click here to download detailed product specifications.


Learn About This Revenue-Grade Meter & Web-Enabled Datalogger for Monitoring Residential Solar PV Systems
Gain Insight into Our Various Types of Solar Monitoring Solutions

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Residential Solar Monitoring Solution

The LGate 120 is a single-phase electronic watt-hour meter for the remote monitoring of solar photovoltaic systems. It features a smart communications module to automatically transmit meter data over cellular or Ethernet networks, allowing system owners and operators to easily manage distributed solar assets.

The LGate 120 combines a revenue-grade, solid-state power meter with an advanced communications gateway. These components work in conjunction to remotely monitor the performance of residential solar energy installations regardless of panel or inverter type. The LGate 120 is a one-piece meter completely encased in a NEMA 3R-rated housing, which installs easily using a standard socket base. Performance data is uploaded in near-real-time to the Locus Energy SolarNOC™ monitoring platform, which provides a suite of tools and analytics for asset managers.

Data Collection: 

AC energy data is collected by the meter and passed to the communications module. Additional system performance data can be collected directly from meteorological sensors and supported inverters via available RS-485 or Zigbee interfaces. All data is stored in non-volatile memory and then automatically uploaded to the SolarNOC platform.LGate 120 Typical Configuration

Network Connectivity: 

The communications gateway inside the LGate 120 supports plug-and-play connectivity through a cellular or available Ethernet network connection. Once the unit is installed and powered on, it will immediately begin transmitting data via the cellular network without any configuration. The communications gateway can be alternatively configured to bypass the cellular mode so that it automatically routes uploads using wired connections.

Key Features:

  • ANSI C12.20 power meter
  • RS-485 and Zigbee interfaces
  • UL 2735 listing available
  • 3G GSM, 4G LTE, or Ethernet connectivity
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Does not require entrance into the building
  • Plug-and-play activation
  • LCD display

Click here to download detailed product specifications.


Understand How This Single-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Remotely Monitors Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Gain Insight into Our Various Types of Solar Monitoring Solutions