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Fleet, Operations & Performance Management for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Utility PV Assets, At Scale

Collect, organize & assess performance data leveraging powerful proprietary analytics & a flexible, customer-driven interface

Locus Energy’s LocusNOC™ (Network Operation Center) is a cloud-based software application providing enterprise-class tools for PV market stakeholders to collect, organize, and assess performance data from a diverse set of solar PV assets. Providing unprecedented access and visibility into PV performance, LocusNOC ensures that users have the data they need to attain the greatest returns on their investments across a PV Fleet.

LocusNOC, as the next generation platform to the SolarNOC™, retains all the great features of the previous platform, delivered in an entirely new, flexible interface. With the addition of new applications within the platform, and a more streamlined integration of Locus’ powerful analytics, LocusNOC is a turnkey solution for any activities tied to the performance of a PV system.

LocusNOC Dashboard

With strategic focus around efficient navigation, the platform was built to allow users to interpret critical, time-sensitive information, with only a few clicks. Using quick links throughout the platform, users will experience streamlined interoperability among different applications within the platform, enabling seamless analysis of data with a diverse toolkit. Additionally, users are able to build their own workflows and use cases into the platform, empowering them to create and develop their own experiences at the individual or company-levels.

New to LocusNOC:

  • Instantly view real-time and trending performance with default dashboards
  • Select any data point from any component or site (including modeled and calculated data) to create customized dashboards at the site, portfolio, or fleet level
  • Easily view near-real time information with Latest Data for all components at a site
  • Gain an unprecedented level of control over how performance data is aggregated and displayed with customized filters and groupings
  • Manage fleets across multiple dimensions, including:
    • Installer
    • Geographical region
    • Equipment type
    • Performance ratios
    • Etc.
  • Be equipped with unique insights into system losses and their causes using Virtual Irradiance and the Virtual Irradiance Waterfall


Delivery: Custom online dashboard

Frequency: Real-time data delivery

Locations: Global

Subscribe: or 877-562-8736

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Leverage enterprise-class tools found in the LocusNOC™ platform to collect, organize, and assess performance data from a diverse set of solar PV assets
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Features of Locus Energy's LocusNOC:

  • Snapshot overview of fleet performance
  • Custom and default dashboards
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Alert management and notification  
  • Dynamic filtering and grouping capabilities
  • Quick and easy data visualization and data extraction
  • Open architecture
  • Unlimited users

LocusNOC dashboard

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Benefits of Locus Energy's LocusNOC: 

  • Conduct quick and accurate analysis of fleet performance based on custom variables to improve efficiency and identify O&M issues
  • Save time and resources by automating the aggregation of performance data from multiple sources
  • Enhance and improve critical business processes with a robust API for fleet billing and ERP/CRM system integration
  • Track key drivers of underperformance utilizing Locus Energy analytics
  • User friendly customization allows for many different business roles to utilize the platform
  • Alert configuration and management empowers users to receive real time notification of issues, while reducing the noise of false alarms
  • Intelligent navigation increases workflow efficiency and employee productivity
  • Use Locus Energy Data Acquisition (DAS) hardware or third-party hardware (software-only solution) to manage PV performance all in one place

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