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Las Vegas Review Journal
Sean Whaley, Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
July 08, 2016

Four of Nevada’s largest cities: Reno, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Las Vegas placed in the top 20 fastest growing cities for rooftop solar installations in 2015, according to a new analysis by the data delivery companyBuildFax.

“It’s great to see the ongoing strength in the solar PV market,” said Michael Herzig, president and founder of Locus Energy. “From my perspective, however, what is even more amazing is how quickly this has happened. The global solar market has grown in 10 short years from 2.6 gigawatts deployed in 2007 to an estimated 67 gigawatts in 2016.”
Solar Industry Magazine
Charles McBrearty, Locus Energy
July 07, 2016

Accurately and efficiently modeling as-built PV system performance is difficult on many levels.

System monitoring companies typically have very large portfolios of performance data and are in particular need of effective methodologies for identifying underperforming systems.

The most common approach to determine potential under-performance is to calculate a performance metric for each system by dividing the measured actual energy production by what the energy production should have been.

Pamela Cargill, Principal, Chaolysti
May 09, 2016

While software is a luxury product for some solar companies, it is integral to the success of others. For example, many of the largest residential solar sales, financing or installation companies—such as SolarCity, Sungevity and Sunrun—use software tools to manage sales, system design, business operations and the overall customer experience. The use of these software tools, combined with innovative financial services products and strategic development, is part of what has allowed these companies to scale and capture a large share of the market. In the commercial sector, many companies are likewise turning to software to expedite the due diligence process for power purchase agreements or to automate routine aspects of solar design work.

Well-known companies such as Draker, Fat Spaniel (now part of ABB via Power-One) and meteocontrol pioneered solar power plant monitoring. More recently, vendors such as AlsoEnergy, eGauge, Locus Energy and Solar-Log have introduced simpler and more user-friendly monitoring solutions to market. The latest innovators in this market, such as Curb, seek to integrate solar monitoring solutions with the Internet of things (IoT) by bringing a wealth of data to consumers or facility managers.
Solar Novus Today
Zach Livingston, Director of Account Management, Commercial & Utility
May 02, 2016

As distributed energy resource (DER) capacity and installation continues, the large influx of new power into the grid presents a complicated problem for utilities and ISOs that have to manage and upgrade grid infrastructure to handle the increase of these resources. Currently, network operation centers (NOCs) from these overseeing bodies monitor the production of these resources and issue commands in order to ramp down or ramp up plants as a reaction to demand.

As the grid continues to be upgraded to handle the volume of new DERs, having a low-cost, turnkey solution for control is vital. Locus’ LControl solution, which includes pre-programmed automation equipment, provides this at a highly competitive cost. Looking at more future-thinking regions, such as California-ISO (CAISO) and specific California Utilities, Locus is already seeing control requirements becoming a standard. Locus has experience dealing with these control and Telemetry requirements, and can interface with and procure the different hardware stacks required for these complex projects.

Greentech Media
Mike Munsell, Reporter, GTM
April 28, 2016

According to a new report from GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting, 58 gigawatts of monitored PV will be added to the world’s total in 2016, bringing the cumulative PV monitoring market to 242 gigawatts. In addition to a growing installation base, the PV monitoring landscape is undergoing tremendous change as it integrates into the broader PV software ecosystem, deals with additional regulatory and cybersecurity requirements, and faces challengers from the energy management market.

In 2015, the market experienced significant merger and acquisition activity including BKW’s acquisition of Solar-Log, meteocontrol’s acquisition of iTerra, and Genscape’s acquisition of U.S. residential PV monitoring market leader Locus Energy. The report notes that the PV monitoring market is likely to see similar activity in 2016. In fact, Solarrus Corporation just announced the acquisition of Power Factors this month.

solar industry magazine
Solar Industry
February 03, 2016

Locus Energy, a New Jersey-based performance monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market in the residential, commercial and utility sectors, says its solar monitoring fleet has surpassed 2 GW of solar capacity in the U.S.

Since 2014, Locus has added more than 900 MW of monitored solar capacity, which is an increase of 88%. The company added more than 25,000 monitored sites in the past year – an increase of 39% since 2014 – bringing its total to more than 91,500 sites.

Yahoo Finance Logo
Thomson Reuters StreetEvents, Yahoo Finance
November 25, 2015

Edited Transcript of Daily Mail and General Trust PLC earnings conference call or presentation Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 9:30:00am GMT. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the DMGT results presentation for the year ended September 30, 2015.

Now, the middle column you've got a series of names there. That's all in energy. These are all deals done by our Genscape business, which is headquartered in the US. I won't go through them all; I'll just focus on Locus Energy, which is the larger of these transactions. Locus Energy is another company based in New York run by an entrepreneurial team again, and it monitors and collects data on solar installations.

I'm sure you all know that solar is one of the coming sources of energy, growing particularly quickly in the US. So much so that the supply of solar is beginning to affect energy prices in many markets and, therefore, it's essential that Genscape catches that as another data feed into the information it provides for energy trading. So I think a very timely move by Genscape into [that] energy sector. And maybe, in time, they will be able to expand that on a more global basis. There's plenty of solar developments around the world.

Solar Novus Today
Solar Novus Today
September 17, 2015

Locus Energy, a solar photovoltaic (PV) performance monitoring and data analytics provider, announced its acquisition by Genscape, a specialist in energy monitoring data and intelligence.

As a leading provider of energy data and intelligence, the addition of Locus' solar PV monitoring business to Genscape's existing product portfolio will deliver exceptional value to a broader set of end-users and customers. Over the past few years, solar PV has matured as both a technology and an industry. Recent events, however, have emphasized the need for a mature, financially stable, longer-term solution to help the industry achieve more sustainable, aggressive growth. Over the short-term, customers are increasingly demanding improved technical support and customer service, as well as far less costly and time-consuming migration options.

Up to this point, undertaking a solar PV monitoring vendor switch had been exceptionally time-consuming, costly, and invasive. In response to these new demands, Locus and Genscape are now launching a rapid Migration-Without-Interruption Service, which transforms how system users can migrate to Locus.

September 17, 2015

This week, Genscape, the global leader in energy monitoring data and intelligence, has announced its acquisition of Locus Energy, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) performance monitoring and data analytics provider. Locus currently operates mainly in the US but also in the UK and Australia.

Locus gives clients advice on how to implement the best practices to create the most efficient solar systems, as well as using data to help clients decide which suppliers are most appropriate for them.

Michael highlighted the way the energy infrastructure across the globe is allowing solar energy to become less expensive every year. Additionally, the energy sector is so complex and dynamic that the backing of Genscape, who operate across so many parts of the sector, will help Locus to become 'part of the data backbone' of the industry.

PV Magazine
Edgar Meza, Reporter, PV Magazine
September 16, 2015

With the addition of the PV monitoring and data analytics company, Genscape -- part of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc conglomerate -- will expand its operations into the burgeoning solar sector.

Leading energy monitoring group Genscape has acquired PV performance monitoring and data analytics company Locus Energy in an effort to expand its core business into the solar sector and broaden its customer base.

As a leading provider of energy data and intelligence, the addition of Locus’ solar PV monitoring business to Genscape’s existing assets “will deliver exceptional value to a broader set of end-users and customers,” the Kentucky-based company added.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” said Locus Energy CEO Michael Herzig. “We share the same core value of delivering a customer experience that is second to none, combined with exceptional long-term financial security.”